"Clothing has an exceptionally strategic meaning. It is most important to be distinguished in customer service for the whole company. From the position of personnel administration, strategic dressing/clothing is an effective way to strengthen social cohesion, communicate company values and participate the personnel."

”Something borrowed, something blue”

When Finavia and TouchPoint met, it was love at first sight. After a short period of dating, marriage took place and, as often happens in passionate relationships, it bore beautiful fruit. Right from the start, Finavia knew what they wanted for the uniforms of their customer service personnel: something new, modern and fresh. Clothes that would embody Finavia’s service reforms and support the Finavia brand. Another important consideration was that they wanted the company’s basic values of sustainable development to be evident in everything they do, including what they wear. We couldn’t have been happier about this, or more enthusiastic. Our talented eco-designers Anniina Nurmi and Camilla Mikama unleashed their passion for fashion in this project. The story began to take shape. The end result is like something from the traditional wedding rhyme.

Product demands

New, modern and fresh. National and supports the valued brand. In terms of sustainable design.

Chosen materials

Something borrowed: the runway design at the core of the collection was inspired by the patterns and layout of the Helsinki airport. Something blue: using the brand colour in a strong and fresh way. Something old: making use of the surplus Pontella-fabric. This created something new: the fabulous Finavia workwear collection.

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