"To us at Hesburger, responsibility is practical actions and that’s why we got excited about this project right away. We are glad to carry new trends forward as pioneers. With TouchPoint we got aboard the circular economy of textiles."

"Easy to care, easy to wear"

Once again, the fast food chain Hesburger has taken a stance to strengthen its position as the international forerunner of sustainable development. The newest Hesburger's workwear collection has been made of 100% ecological materials. All of Hesburger’s old uniforms are also able to be recycled. They will be given a new life as a furnitures and, at the same time, they will provide employment in Finland and the Baltic countries. Hesburger and TouchPoint's cooperation is based on common will to do good and develop new, innovative sustainable solutions.

Product demands

100% suitainable choices for a company following flavor and food trends. And ofcourse, trendy, like Hese-staff themselves. That’s the way the burger crumbles.

Chosen materials

rPET = recycled polyester. 7 recycled plastic bottles were utilized in every shirt.
The new collection is already the third collection that TouchPoint and Hesburger has done together. Altogether, the collaboration has last over 10 years. With strong mutual trust we have created collections that are sustainable from the very beginning to the end. Every detail has been considered carefully and quality has not been compromised. Hesburger gives lot of importance to its employees. The patterns are fitted several times before the decisions are made and employees' opinions are highlighted.

It has always been easy to work with Hesburger since their awesome work atmosphere and innovativeness which guides everything they do. Our collaboration is about encouraging and pushing each other towards better solutions. When two actors with same desire combines their input, final result can be nothing but super.
153 300
recycled plastic bottles
”Hesburger is in a tight and long co-operation with TouchPoint, regarding work wear and recycle-products. Their work wear and recycle-product designs take the values of sustainable development into concrete actions.”
Marko Salmela, Marketing and design manager Hesburger