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Touchpoint is expanding internationally: collaboration to begin with well-established US workwear company


Touchpoint is expanding its business to the US. The company has announced a collaboration with California-based workwear manufacturer, Regent Apparel. The family-owned US company has almost  a century of experience in the workwear industry. The aim of the collaboration is to develop a sustainable workwear service model for the US market. The collaboration offers Touchpoint a significant opportunity to grow its revenue through access to the over 10 billion dollar US workwear market.

The workwear service model developed by Touchpoint and Regent Apparel will include garments made with ecological materials and offer circular solutions for re-using fabrics as raw material. For example, a uniform that has reached the end of its life cycle can be turned into composite that is used as building material. This solution is already in use: Touchpoint’s longterm customer Hesburger’s old uniforms are turned into outdoor furniture for the restaurant.

“As a workwear company we want to be part of the more sustainable solution. This is why we have decided to lead the way and develop new circular solutions for our industry,” says Outi Luukko, CEO of Touchpoint. “It’s wonderful to see that our service model has gained international interest and the partnership with Regent Apparel will enable bringing sustainable solutions to the US,” Luukko continues. 

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. In the US approximately 85% of waste clothing is burned or ends up in a landfill. The owner of Regent Apparel, Alexis Miller, is pleased to begin the collaboration: “It’s great to have such a progressive partner for developing the future workwear service model and circular textile solutions for the US market.”

The closed loop program for workwear will first be rolled out in California and New York. The announced collaboration is based on shared values and the will to improve the sustainability of the workwear and textiles industry. 

With the collaboration Touchpoint expands its business outside Europe and strengthens its position as an innovator in the sector.

Additional information: 

Outi Luukko
CEO of TouchPoint
outi.luukko@touchpoint.fi / 0400 40 6083