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Touchpoint receives recognition for pioneering work in circular economy


Excellence Finland and Sitra awarded recognitions and honorary mentions to seven pioneering Finnish companies in the circular economy. These recognitions mark the beginning of an effort to develop international criteria for the assessment of circular economy business.

At this year’s EFQM Forum in Helsinki, Excellence Finland and Sitra awarded recognitions for the first time to pioneering Finnish companies in the circular economy. EFQM Forum is an international management and performance improvement conference and award ceremony. The conference focuses on quality management, and circular economy is an important part of this. The recognitions were awarded by Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen, CEO of Excellence Finland Tani Järvinen and Sitra’s President Mikko Kosonen.  

The awarded recognitions aim to increase the importance of the circular economy among companies, highlighting examples of successful companies and encouraging companies to invest in the circular economy.

For Touchpoint the recognition is an important acknowledgement of their tenacity and dedication. “Our determination to act as a pioneer in our field is written in the company’s strategy and one of our most important objective’s is to promote circular economy. It is a huge opportunity, but it also requires a change in attitude and in the way we do things on a daily basis. A recognition like this offers encouragement and shows our team that we are on the right path”, rejoices CEO and Co-founder of Touchpoint, Outi Luukko

We also want to congratulate the other companies that were awarded recognitions: 3 Step IT and Neste. And those given honourable mentions: MaaS Global Oy, Nokia Oyj and Plan B From Outer Space Oy/RePack.

Experts from Sitra and Excellence Finland assessed the companies’ circular economy solutions together. This year’s assessment criteria for the recognitions were based on Sitra’s list, The most interesting companies in the circular economy. The criteria used in the assessment were the interestingness of the company’s circular economy solution, the degree to which it had already been established as business operation, its effectiveness from the perspective of the circular economy and environmental impacts, its scalability, and the company’s efforts to influence matters in its value chain and networks to promote the circular economy.