Our offering

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Functional & Sustainable Workwear

We provide workwear for professionals in the service sector. We understand that roles and tasks vary and that there are as many body shapes as there are people. That’s why our  design process starts from putting the person in the center.

We always familiarise ourselves with our customers’ needs and field of business to be able to offer functional, safe, sustainable, and smart solutions. All the details and material choices in the products must be relevant for the end user. And most importantly, the workwear must stand the test of time and hard use. We carefully test all our materials and end-products, and constantly look for better solutions. When needed, we test our products together with industrial laundries and only use certified materials.

After all, workwear is often used more than any other garment in a person’s wardrobe. That’s why it needs to last long. Our workwear needs to be tougher than your working conditions. Simple.

Service model

We take care of everything related to the workwear, so that you can put your time and energy into your business. That’s why we have created an easy workwear solution package:

  • Warehousing & management of replenishment orders
  • Forecasting of future demands
  • Gathering & analyzing end user feedback
  • Continuous improvement of the collection
  • Digital tools & re-ordering made easy for customers
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) tools to quantify the environmental impacts of the collection 

We can also offer financing and leading models for our customers – please contact our sales team.

Circular economy & closed loop


Workwear also means waste. But we can take care of it in a responsible and innovative way. We call this the closed-loop solution. This means that we collect old and used workwear and give it a new life as durable composite material. Composite can be used as a building material, for example in furniture.